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Ideological and Political Teaching Mode of College English "Telling China Story Well"

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.037


Wei Zeng

Corresponding Author

Wei Zeng


This article initially examines the evolution of ideological and political education (IPE) within the context of college English, highlighting its prevalent challenges and underscoring the crucial need for its seamless integration into English pedagogy. Subsequently, it elucidates methods for effectively narrating Chinese stories in college English classrooms through a multifaceted approach encompassing literary works, multimedia tools, and discussions on current affairs and politics. This holistic approach aims to achieve a harmonious blend of language instruction and IPE. Concurrently, the paper establishes a comprehensive teaching evaluation framework to assess the impact of this narrative-based approach in college English IPE, affirming its efficacy and practicality. The study concludes that effectively telling Chinese stories holds significant relevance and utility in enhancing college English IPE. To further optimize teaching outcomes, the article concludes with recommendations for actively tapping into China's rich narrative resources, fostering innovative teaching practices, bolstering students' IPE literacy, and refining teaching evaluation systems. These suggestions serve as valuable guidelines for propelling the innovation and advancement of college English IPE.


Telling China Story Well; College English; Ideological and political teaching