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Research on the Application of Blended Learning Models in College Sports Education Theoretical Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.033


Xuelan Shi

Corresponding Author

Xuelan Shi


With the rapid development of information technology, traditional teaching models for theoretical courses in college sports education can no longer meet the learning needs of modern students. At the same time, changes in the teaching environment also require college teachers to reform teaching models to meet new teaching requirements. Facing the challenge of how to optimize shared teaching resources and improve teaching efficiency has become a difficult problem for college teachers in the new era. This paper will research the application of blended learning models in theoretical courses of college sports education from four aspects: demand orientation, instructional design, teaching effectiveness, and response strategies, aiming to provide references and lessons for the training of teaching talents in college sports education.


Sports education major; Theoretical courses; Blended learning model