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Research on the Application of Simulation Experiments in the Teaching of Railway Signal Power Supply System

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.029


Yang Mingjing

Corresponding Author

Yang Mingjing


Railway signal power supply system is a device that provides safe, stable and reliable AC and DC power for rail traffic signal equipment. Students majoring in urban rail transit communication and signal need to learn the working principles of various railway signal power supply systems. In the teaching of railway signal power supply system, the use of computer software for simulation experiments can improve the learning effect of students. This paper discusses the methods of using Proteus and CADe SIMU software to build experimental circuits and shows the results of simulation experiments, focusing on the difficulties in railway signal power supply system teaching. By comparing the test scores of the classes with and without simulation experiments, it is concluded that simulation experiments can help improve the average score, excellent rate and passing rate.


Railway Signal Power Supply System; Simulation Experiment; Teaching Practice