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Conceptualization Report on a Case of Cognitive Behavioral Counseling for Low Self-Esteem

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.024


Yansen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yansen Zhang


This paper discusses the conceptualization of a case of low self-esteem and its important guiding significance for the counseling process from a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) perspective. The visitor presented symptoms of low mood, self-doubt, and distrust of others due to interpersonal and parent-child relationship issues. Counseling practice was conducted to address cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues, using the SCL-90 Symptom Checklist and SDS Depression Scale to assess emotional changes before and after counseling. After 16 sessions, the visitor developed more adaptive and functional beliefs, with significant improvement in symptoms and overall functioning, achieving the expected counseling goals. This study suggests that conceptualizing low self-esteem from a cognitive-behavioral perspective can effectively guide counseling practice.


cognitive Behavioral Therapy; low Self-Esteem, conceptualization; case report