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Painting art therapy practice from a cross-cultural perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.022


Yile Liu

Corresponding Author

Yile Liu


This research paper focuses on the practice of painting art therapy from a cross-cultural perspective. Through in-depth analysis of the theoretical basis and cross-cultural application of art therapy, combined with specific case studies, the application and effects of art therapy in different cultural backgrounds are discussed. Research has found that art therapy can effectively promote the emotional expression and psychological healing of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, while promoting understanding and communication between cultures. This study also explores the practical application of art therapy in multicultural settings and proposes key points that art therapists should pay attention to in practice, such as sensitivity and understanding of different cultures, and the use of diverse art forms and materials. , as well as ongoing professional development and cross-cultural training. A limitation of the study lies in the scope and depth of case selection, and future research could be conducted in a wider cultural context to enhance the generalizability and applicability of the study.


cross-cultural art therapy, painting art therapy, psychological healing, cultural exchange, case study