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Study on Regional Power Grid Emergency Command Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.018


Feng Jie, Fei Zhengming, Tang Shiyang

Corresponding Author

Fei Zhengming


In China, power grid companies have a primary mandate of ensuring a secure, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and sustainable power supply. However, recent years have witnessed escalating safety risks within the power grid, including exposure to natural disasters, occupational injuries, and public safety concerns. Considering the Chinese government's strides in developing regional emergency responses and an integrated power grid, there's an urgent need to amalgamate regional emergency resources and initiate the establishment of regional emergency management systems for the power grid. This paper systematically reviews both domestic and international experiences and practices concerning emergency management, specifically in accident response, governmental intervention, and other pertinent facets of power grid management. Additionally, it outlines the requisite measures mandated by the State Grid for emergency management. Drawing from this analysis, the study embarks on designing and researching regional emergency management structures within the power grid. The research identifies: (1) the implementation of regional emergency management within the power grid as a prevailing trend domestically and internationally, aligning with China's comprehensive emergency management plan and the current imperatives of China's power grid emergency management efforts. (2) The criticality of conducting emergency responses within the power grid region, centered around an emergency command center, buttressed by a robust contingency plan system and supported by comprehensive mechanism construction. (3) The necessity for the power grid to establish a four-tier management system encompassing "power grid headquarters, regional branches, provincial companies, and city and county companies," with a specific emphasis on system and mechanism development.


power grid regional emergency, emergency management system, emergency command, emergency plan system, mechanism guarantee