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Research on the Intervention of Self Efficacy in Ideological and Political Education for Learning Vulnerable Groups

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.012


Xuefei Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Liu


This study aims to deeply explore the intervention effect of self-efficacy on the ideological and political education of disadvantaged groups. Through theoretical analysis and literature review, firstly, the concept of disadvantaged groups in learning is systematically sorted out, and their characteristics and challenges are comprehensively analyzed. Subsequently, it focused on the concept, formation mechanism and current research status of self-efficacy in the field of education, revealing the influencing factors of self-efficacy on this group's ideological and political education. Finally, this article provides inspiration and strategies for the practice of ideological and political education to help educators.


self-efficacy; Ideological and political education; Students from disadvantaged groups in learning