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Training of outstanding and innovative talents in the whole chain of research universities under the background of new engineering —Taking the new specialty of new energy materials and devices as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.010


Chunxiang Li, Shougang Yang, Chunhui Yang

Corresponding Author

Chunxiang Li


Under the guidance of the national 2035 strategic goal, research universities that shoulder the important task of national development need to quickly complete the engineering education reform from "engineering technology" to "engineering science" + "excellent leadership", in order to meet national needs and fulfill the responsibility of cultivating innovative talents. The specialty of new energy materials and devices is a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary specialty developed to meet the major needs of the country. It has the characteristics of typicality and urgency in the reform of engineering education. Aimed at the school's characteristics of "based on aerospace and serving national defense", the new energy materials and devices specialty of Harbin Institute of Technology proposes and implements a whole-chain innovative talent training mode of "quasi-positioning - wide foundation - re-integration - seeking innovation", in combination with the national strategy and taking aerospace and civil new energy as the specific training premise. The characteristic direction of aerospace and civil new energy reflects the "quasi-positioning", coordinates the rationality of knowledge structure and cross-border knowledge with "wide foundation", ensures the cultivation and improvement of students' innovative ability with "re-integration" + "seeking innovation", and ensures the all-around cultivation of excellent innovative talents.


Engineering education reform; Research University; Cultivation of innovative talents; Excellent talent training; Full chain