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The Significance and Value of Early Modern Chinese Vocabulary Research

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.006


Yuntao Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuntao Zhao


The study of early modern Chinese vocabulary is of great significance for a deeper understanding of language evolution, literary development, and cultural inheritance. By exploring the formation and evolution of vocabulary in the context of integrating classical and vernacular (Integration of classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese), the study reveals the unique language characteristics of early modern Chinese, providing a profound understanding for constructing a more complete history of language evolution. This study not only expands the understanding of the laws of language development, but also provides deep linguistic support for literary research, promoting a more detailed interpretation of the cultural connotations behind literary works. In the future, by combining information technology and deepening research on the influence of dialects, early modern Chinese vocabulary research will further provide new insights and insights for linguistics, literature, and cultural research.


Historical evolution; Literary development; Combining classical and vernacular; Cultural inheritance