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Analysis of Higher Education in Music and the Path of Inheriting Ethnic Music Culture in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.002


Lili Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lili Zhang


In the contemporary education system, higher education in music plays a significant role, encompassing not only the imparting of artistic knowledge and skills but also cultural heritage and innovation. This article aims to explore the role of higher education in music in the inheritance of ethnic music culture and its implementation pathways. Through literature review and on-site research, this study analyzes the current status of higher education in music, including curriculum design, teaching methods, and faculty resources. Additionally, considering the challenges faced by ethnic music culture in modern society, this article proposes a series of strategies and methods for preservation, including innovative curriculum content, diversified teaching approaches, and collaboration with communities and cultural organizations. The purpose of this research is to promote the protection and development of ethnic music culture, providing theoretical foundations and practical guidance for the reform of higher education in music.


Higher Education in Music, Ethnic Music Culture, Cultural Inheritance, Educational Reform