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An Analysis of the Approaches of Digital Empowerment for the High-quality Development of Sports Venues

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.062


Weixing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Weixing Zhang


With the rapid development of science and technology in the new era, digital technology has given new vitality to sports venues, and it is also an important driving force to promote the development of the sports industry. Using the literature review method and logical analysis method, this paper understands the rapid development of stadiums in the digital era from a systematic and innovative perspective, explores the problems faced by their high - quality development and makes a path analysis. It is believed that digitally empowered stadiums can increase the benefits and benefits of the sports industry, optimize the sports experience of the people, and help build a sports power. However, the current situation is not enough to support the higher -quality development of sports venues, and it is facing a lack of micro policies, a lack of effective organization and management, a lack of obvious digital empowerment, insufficient funds, and a shortage of talents. Suggestions: (a) broaden micro policies and strengthen organizational management; (b) link capital investment to improve the level of digitalization; (c) strengthen talent training to fill the talent gap.


digital empowerment; sports venues; high-quality development; approach analysis