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Preliminary Study on the Training Mode of Vocational Education Talents Following Engineering Logic

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.059


Yi Zhou, Xiaojun Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xiaojun Jiang


Adhering to the principle of improving students' comprehensive ability and constantly exploring the curriculum teaching ideas that conform to the trend of the times is a historical choice for practicing employment-oriented reform. High-skilled graduates who are trained in engineering logic must be able to play the role of “adaptation, guidance, and support” proposed by the state. In order to achieve this goal, the training of vocational education personnel must fully integrate the needs of social reality and the professional needs of students, and position the training strategies and training objectives for the specific situation of students. To build a curriculum system that meets the future needs of the society and enhance the practical value of the curriculum, can better improve the professional quality of high-skilled students, and provide a good foundation for future employment and even life development.


engineering logic; higher vocational education; talent training