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Path Optimisation of Industrial Characteristic Town Construction—A Case Study of Foshan Chancheng Tao Valley Characteristic Town

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.058


Xiaoting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoting Zhang


In the current economic climate, characteristic towns have become a crucial model for economic development in the construction of China's new countryside, and a means of achieving innovative urbanization. A characteristic town is a relatively independent development space within urban areas, with a clear industrial position, cultural connotation, tourism function, and community characteristics. Characteristic towns are the direction of future urban development, enabling the integration of life, production, and ecology. The core of a characteristic town lies in its characteristic industry. Other characteristics, such as appearance, culture, environment, and service, should all serve the characteristic industry. Therefore, the choice of characteristic industries determines the fate of the town. However, there are some issues with the construction of Foshan Chancheng Tao Valley characteristic town. These issues include the need for infrastructure improvement, weak brand promotion, high pollution discharge, and governance difficulties. To address these issues, we propose four feasible countermeasures and suggestions based on our analysis of the problems and causes of Foshan Chancheng Tao Valley characteristic town. Firstly, we will enhance government guidance and improve policy support. Second, local governments should quickly build supporting infrastructure to achieve seamless integration of functions. Third, the government should enhance the city's brand image through increased publicity and promotion. Finally, relevant administrative departments should strengthen environmental supervision and promote co-governance between government and business.


Characteristic town, Chancheng Tao Valley characteristic town, industrial city cultural integration, new urbanization