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Assessment and Practice of Ideological and Political Education in Curriculum Based on Big Data Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.054


Meiyan Li

Corresponding Author

Meiyan Li


This article seeks to delve into the advancements and complexities surrounding ideological practices in the age of Big Data (BD), offering tailored solutions along the way. Initially, it examines BD's precise application and its role in refining ideological content, reimagining instructional approaches, and harnessing resources efficiently. Utilizing case studies, the article showcases the tangible successes achieved in course Ideological and Political Education (IPE) when propelled by BD, underscoring BD technology's proficiency in elevating the caliber and impact of IPE. In terms of methodological approach, the article employs a multifaceted blend of literature reviews and case studies to gain a nuanced understanding of the intersection and potential pitfalls of BD and curriculum IPE. The research not only gives priority to the opportunities brought by BD, but also makes a critical analysis of its challenges in ethics and privacy, technical limitations and so on. The research results show that BD technology provides a brand-new perspective and tool for curriculum IPE, which can significantly improve the pertinence of instructional content, the flexibility of instructional mode and the richness of instructional resources. It is hoped that this research can provide useful reference for the innovative development of IPE in the future.


Big data; Ideological and political education; Curriculum assessment; Innovative development