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Analysis of the Influence of Digital Transformation on Exhibition Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.051


Xiaoxue Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxue Wu


Digital transformation has had a far-reaching impact in the exhibition industry, redefining the operation mode and business model of the industry. Through comprehensive analysis, this paper deeply discusses the various influences of digital transformation on the exhibition industry. First of all, digital transformation has significantly improved the efficiency and business processes of the industry. Secondly, digital transformation has stimulated the emergence of innovation and emerging business models. In terms of commercial competitiveness, digital transformation has brought opportunities for the industry in the global market. Virtual exhibition breaks the geographical restrictions and enables participants to participate globally, thus expanding the market reach. At the same time, business integration and cooperation have become the key means for enterprises to gain competitive advantage in the digital age. However, digital transformation has also brought a series of challenges, including information security and privacy protection, disunity and interoperability of technical standards, and changes in traditional business models. The continuous emergence of new technologies will further enrich the exhibition form and enhance the experience of participants. The industry needs continuous innovation, and at the same time, it should pay attention to ecological sustainability and social responsibility to ensure that digital transformation becomes the engine of sustainable development.


Influence; Digital Transformation; Exhibition Industry