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Innovative Application of Virtual Simulation in Ideological and Political Education Theory Course and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.050


Zongguo Wu

Corresponding Author

Zongguo Wu


The aim of this article is to investigate the utilization of virtual simulation technology within the framework of Ideological and Political Education (IPE) theory courses. It delves into the practical steps and impact assessment methodologies, further validating its educational benefits through empirical studies. Initially, the article clarifies the concept of virtual simulation technology and its educational applications, highlighting its significance in enhancing instructional effectiveness and elevating the learning experience for students. Subsequently, a comprehensive overview is provided on the integration process of virtual simulation technology within IPE courses. This encompasses the design of educational content, the creation of virtual environments, student engagement strategies, and other pertinent aspects. Additionally, the article proposes evaluation methods to assess its impact, such as academic performance comparisons and student surveys. To substantiate the educational value of virtual simulation technology, an empirical study is conducted. The findings, derived from a comparison of academic performance and learning attitudes between an experimental group and a control group, reveal a notable enhancement in the academic performance and a more favorable learning attitude among students exposed to virtual simulation technology. This underscores the potential of virtual simulation technology to optimize the teaching and learning outcomes of IPE theory courses.


Virtual simulation; Ideological and political education; Theory course; Innovate