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Application of PDCA Circulation Combined with PBL Method in Internal Medicine Nursing Teaching under Mixed Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.049


Yue Wang, Fang Liu, Jihua Tang, Xiujuan Yu, Xiuzhen Guo, Pei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yue Wang


This paper discusses the application of PDCA circulation combined with PBL (Problem-Based Learning) method in internal medicine nursing teaching under mixed teaching mode. By integrating the continuous improvement concept of PDCA cycle with the problem-oriented and student-centered thinking of PBL method, this teaching mode effectively promotes the cultivation of students' independent learning, teamwork and critical thinking. The core features of mixed teaching mode include flexibility, individuality, interactivity and high efficiency, which can meet the needs of different students and improve teaching effect and learning efficiency. However, there are also some challenges in practice, such as technical problems, students' participation, interaction and communication, and the limitations of teachers' ability, students' autonomy, time and resources. In view of these problems, this paper puts forward corresponding solutions and suggestions, such as strengthening technical support, improving students' participation, optimizing interaction and communication, and enriching teaching resources. In order to promote the continuous innovation and development of PDCA cycle combined with PBL method under mixed teaching mode.


Mixed teaching mode; PDCA cycle; PBL method; Internal medicine nursing teaching; innovate