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The Impact of Educational Technology on Student Learning Outcomes

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.046


Lingyan Meng

Corresponding Author

Lingyan Meng


LMS (Learning Management System) is a comprehensive educational technology tool used to manage and organize educational courses, student information, and learning resources to support the implementation of online learning and education. The main functions of LMS include course management, student tracking, personalized learning, collaborative interaction, timely feedback, and multimedia support. The personalized learning function of LMS provides customized learning paths and suggestions for each student through learning analysis and student data, thereby improving learning effectiveness and academic performance. Collaboration and interaction tools promote collaboration and interaction among students, helping to develop teamwork and communication skills. In addition, LMS has strong security and data privacy measures to ensure the protection of personal information and academic data of students and teachers. Mobile learning support enables students to access course content anytime and anywhere, improving the convenience and flexibility of learning. With the continuous development of educational technology, LMS will continue to play a crucial role in the field of education, promoting greater success and achievement for students and educational institutions.


Educational technology; Student learning; Learning outcomes