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Interactional Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Regional Economic Growth

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.045


Jingjing Lv, Nan Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Lv


This study aims to explore the interactive relationship between Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (IEE) and regional economic growth. In the context of globalization and technological innovation, IEE has become an increasingly critical factor in driving regional economic growth and societal development. Through comprehensive analysis and case studies, this paper examines how IEE can promote regional economic growth and how the regional economic environment influences the implementation and effectiveness of IEE. The research findings indicate that IEE can significantly enhance entrepreneurial activities, innovation capabilities, and economic competitiveness in a region. Moreover, the level and characteristics of regional economic growth also have a substantial impact on the content, methods, and outcomes of IEE. The study suggests that in order to better harness the role of IEE in regional economic growth, it is necessary to build education models that are tailored to the local economic characteristics, strengthen collaboration with industry development, and innovate educational methods and content. This research provides theoretical and practical guidance for understanding the interaction between IEE and regional economic growth, and it is of significant reference value to policymakers, educators, and researchers.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, regional economic growth, education policy, economic growth