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Network Security and Privacy Protection Strategies in the Context of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.042


Zhuqian Jiang

Corresponding Author

Zhuqian Jiang


With the rapid development of new media, network security and privacy protection have become a global focus. In the context of new media, the innovation and application of information technology have brought unprecedented security challenges, especially in the realm of personal privacy protection. This study aims to explore the network security challenges in the context of new media, analyze the current state of privacy protection and the major issues it faces, and propose effective strategies for network security and privacy protection. Through literature review and case analysis, this paper delves into how new media technologies have transformed traditional concepts of network security and the complexity of safeguarding individual privacy in this environment. The research findings indicate that comprehensive strategies are needed to effectively address network security challenges in the new media environment, including the improvement of laws and regulations, the application of technological innovations, the enhancement of public education, and the promotion of international cooperation. This study is of significant importance for understanding the new characteristics of network security in the new media environment and for devising effective privacy protection measures.


Network Security, Privacy Protection, New Media, Strategies, Technology