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Practice and benefit of sustainable development strategy in modern enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.041


Bing Han, Yunhang Yang, Shuang Liu, Ben Guo

Corresponding Author

Bing Han


With the global social, economic and environmental changes, modern enterprises gradually realize the importance of sustainable development strategy. This paper deeply studies the specific application of this strategy in enterprise practice and its economic benefits and social value. Through case analysis and data display, we find that enterprises have not only achieved substantial results in the economic level, but also made positive contributions to society and the environment by implementing the sustainable development strategy. In terms of economic benefits, enterprises have reduced costs and improved benefits by adopting cleaner production technology, optimizing resource management and promoting innovation. In terms of social value, enterprises have established a good corporate image by fulfilling social responsibilities, improving employee welfare and participating in community projects. Through community contributions and environmental protection activities, enterprises have created a positive impact on society and pushed the whole society towards a more sustainable direction. The strategy of sustainable development not only creates considerable economic benefits for enterprises, but also creates positive values in social and environmental aspects. This comprehensive strategic practice is not only conducive to the long-term development of enterprises, but also a positive response of enterprises to social responsibility.


enterprises; Practice; benefit; sustainable development strategy