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Characteristic Training Mode of Applied Talents under the Condition of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.040


Yushu Fu, Yu Wang, Yiming Mu

Corresponding Author

Yushu Fu


With the advent of the internet+era, the cultivation of applied talents has become a top priority for higher education. The purpose of this paper is to explore the characteristic training mode of applied talents under the condition of internet+, so as to adapt to the rapidly changing social and industrial needs. Through in-depth analysis of the demand for applied talents in the internet+era, we find that its core characteristics include solid professional skills, interdisciplinary comprehensive literacy, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability. Therefore, this paper puts forward a series of design principles of training mode, including project-driven and practice-oriented, interdisciplinary integration, and strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education. These principles together build a comprehensive, practical and innovative training system for applied talents. The paper also emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and feedback mechanism to ensure that the training mode is consistent with the actual needs. Finally, looking forward to the future, this paper calls for continuous innovation in the training mode of applied talents in the constantly developing social and technological environment, so as to cultivate more creative and entrepreneurial talents and provide strong support for social innovation and development.


internet +; Characteristic Training; Applied Talents