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Analysis of Consumer Psychology and Changes of Marketing Strategy Based on “Internet+”

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.039


Mingxuan Fan, Jing Wang

Corresponding Author

Mingxuan Fan


The purpose of this paper is to deeply explore the changes of consumer psychology under the internet environment and its influence on marketing strategy. Firstly, this paper systematically combs the relevant theories of consumer psychology, and analyzes the new characteristics and influencing factors of consumer demand and purchase decision-making process under the Internet environment. The research results show that in the Internet environment, consumers' personalized needs are significantly enhanced, and they show higher preference for customized products. At the same time, price sensitivity has a significant impact on the response of dynamic pricing strategy. These findings reveal the important guiding significance of changes in consumer psychology to the formulation of marketing strategies. Therefore, enterprises need to pay close attention to the dynamic consumer psychology under the Internet environment and flexibly adjust their marketing strategies to respond to market changes. Personalization and customization should be paid attention to in product design; The price sensitivity of consumers should be considered in the price strategy; Interaction and experience should be strengthened in promotion means. This study provides theoretical support and practical guidance for enterprises to formulate effective marketing strategies.


Internet+; Consumer psychology analysis; Marketing strategy change