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Research on the Influence of Online Word of Mouth on China Tourists' Travel Intention

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.038


Nan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Nan Zhang


The rapid rise of the Internet and social media has changed the landscape of tourism. China tourists are increasingly relying on online word of mouth in the process of travel planning and decision-making, including online comments, sharing and suggestions on social media. These word-of-mouth contents include not only positive comments, but also negative comments, which have had a profound impact on tourism. It is of great significance for tourism, brand managers and marketing professionals to understand how online word-of-mouth affects China tourists' travel intentions. Positive word-of-mouth and positive comments can increase the attraction of tourist destinations and encourage China tourists to visit. On the contrary, negative word-of-mouth may prevent them from choosing certain destinations. Online word-of-mouth not only affects the choice of destination, but also affects many aspects of travel decision-making, including the choice of accommodation, dining and tourism activities. Positive word-of-mouth can improve the satisfaction of China tourists, and may make them loyal repeat tourists. Negative word of mouth may reduce satisfaction and affect the choice of future travel.


Online word of mouth; China tourists; Travel intention; Impact study