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Analysis on the Impact of Digital Economy Development on Traditional Business Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.037


Lile Tan

Corresponding Author

Lile Tan


With the continuous progress of technology, the digital economy is rapidly rising globally, bringing unprecedented impacts to tradition nal business models. In order to gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon and provide reference for traditional enterprises, this study aims to analyze the impact of digital economy development on traditional business models. This article analyzes the characteristics of the digital economy and its impact mechanism on business models; Explored the challenges and opportunities of traditional business models in the digital economy era; Summarized the innovative practices and optimization strategies of business models in the context of the digital economy. This study can provide reference and inspiration for traditional enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading in the digital economy era, and hopes to promote enterprises to achieve greater commercial value and social contribution in the digital economy era.


Digital economy; Traditional business models; Impact analysis