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Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Trade Policies on Emerging Market Economies

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.036


Zehua Xu

Corresponding Author

Zehua Xu


This study aims to empirically analyze the impact of trade policies on emerging market economies. By conducting an in-depth examination of trade policy changes in several emerging market countries, this paper explores how these policy changes affect economic growth, the development of export-oriented industries, and domestic market dynamics. The research methods include using econometric models to analyze macroeconomic data, along with case studies to delve into the underlying causes and economic effects of trade policy changes. The main findings suggest that adjustments in trade policies have a significant impact on emerging market economies, particularly in promoting or hindering the competitiveness of export-oriented industries and domestic enterprises. Finally, this paper provides recommendations on how to formulate more effective trade policies to promote sustainable development in emerging market countries.


Trade Policies, Emerging Markets, Economic Impact, Empirical Analysis, Export-Oriented Industries