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The Development Trends of Media Integration from the Perspective of International Journalism

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.035


Ci Song

Corresponding Author

Ci Song


With the widespread popularity of the Internet and the rapid development of digital technology, news consumers now enjoy multi-channel, diverse, and personalized news access and interaction opportunities. This evolution is driven by factors such as multi platform access, personalized news experiences, social sharing and interaction, increased news engagement, credibility and false information challenges, as well as news diversity and globalization. From a social and political perspective, news diversity and globalization help broaden people's horizons, promote cross-cultural and international exchanges. However, the issues of credibility and false information have raised concerns in society, and there is a need to better educate the public on how to evaluate and screen news content to improve information literacy. In summary, this article aims to delve into the evolution of news consumption behavior, emphasizing the significant impact of the digital age and media integration on the news ecosystem. It is important to conduct in-depth research on this trend for news businesses, policy makers, and the public to ensure the credibility, diversity, and quality of news, while promoting the free flow of information and social progress.


International Journalism; Media integration; Development trends