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Correlation analysis between enterprise strategic planning and management decision-making

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.033


Linrui Wu

Corresponding Author

Linrui Wu


This paper deeply discusses the close relationship between enterprise strategic planning and management decision-making, and analyzes the mutual influence between them from two dimensions of theory and practice through taking Apple Inc as a case. Strategic planning is regarded as a guide to the long-term development of enterprises, and management decision-making is a key step to implement the strategy. It is found that strategic planning provides a clear direction and long-term goal for management decision-making, while management decision-making is constantly adjusted in practice to adapt to the dynamic business environment. In terms of strategic planning, this paper emphasizes key factors such as innovation orientation, ecosystem construction and global market occupation. Apple Inc's successful strategic planning includes continuous product innovation, building a complete ecosystem and outstanding performance in the global market. These factors provide a strategic framework for long-term development of enterprises and a solid foundation for management decision-making. In terms of management decision-making, this paper pays attention to the practice of supply chain management, marketing strategy, investment research and development, etc. Apple Inc ensures timely delivery of products through efficient supply chain management, unique marketing strategy stimulates users' demand, and invests heavily in research and development to ensure that products always maintain a leading position. These management decisions directly support the successful implementation of strategic planning and ensure the company's competitive advantage. In the ever-changing business environment, enterprises need to ensure the consistency between the two, and form a virtuous circle between strategic planning and management decision-making by establishing a flexible and adaptable decision-making system. This study provides practical guidance for business leaders and a new direction for future research.


enterprise strategic planning; management decision-making; Correlation