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The Virtual World in Metaverse Movies

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.032


Xiran Yuan

Corresponding Author

Xiran Yuan


As a significant medium for cultural dissemination, movies use the metaverse to construct a virtual world, which not only expands the boundaries of narrative, but also innovates traditional viewing experiences. This phenomenon reflects the intersection of technology and art, and has a profound impact on the audience’s cognitive habits and aesthetic taste. This article will analyze the definition of the metaverse and its importance in current culture, and then explore the combination of metaverse movies and the virtual world. It will also explore the specific methods of shaping the virtual world in movies, including the integration of emerging technologies, the importance of pursuing classicism, and how to draw on traditional and classic elements to enrich the connotation of the virtual world. Through these explorations, not only can we foresee the future development trends of the virtual world, but we can also understand how they affect our recognition of the real world.


Metaverse, Movies, Virtual world