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The research and practice of inducing enterprises to enter the university post training in e-commerce specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.031


Jiabin Si

Corresponding Author

Jiabin Si


In the context of the integration of industry and education and collaborative education between schools and enterprises. E-commerce majors work closely with enterprises, and through the research and practice of four key links of the project-project objectives, project preparation, project implementation and project assessment, enterprises have been successfully introduced into the school, and a customer service post training project for e-commerce and energy-saving merchants has been jointly carried out. This program effectively enhances the students' post vocational skills and professionalism, and strengthens the practical operation ability. It has been recognized and praised by students, schools and enterprises.


School-enterprise collaboration in education, On-the-job training, E-commerce customer service, KPI