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An Effective Path to Integrating Folk Art in Art Education in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.030


Lili Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lili Zhang


In this article, we first emphasize the importance of art education in universities, which is a key link in cultivating art creators and cultural practitioners. However, traditional art education models may limit students' creativity and cross-cultural sensitivity. Therefore, integration has become a key concept aimed at combining different disciplines, cultural traditions, and social participation to enrich students' learning experiences. Folk art, as an informal form of artistic expression, has important cultural and social value. It reflects the life experiences and traditions of communities and cultural groups, carrying cultural memories. Integrating folk art into art education in universities can help improve students' cultural sensitivity and promote cross-cultural understanding. The importance of this study lies in providing practical educational strategies and methods for art education in universities, which helps to cultivate art educators and practitioners with more comprehensive literacy and cross-cultural sensitivity. This study provides useful guidance and suggestions for art education in universities, creating more opportunities for students' personal and career development.


Art education in universities; Integration; Folk art; Effective path