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Intelligent Pet Station Based on Internet of things

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.089


Ji Yu

Corresponding Author

Ji Yu


With the development of society, the demand of pet industry develops rapidly. More and more pets have become an important member of the family, and their owners take care of them as if they were children. With the continuous improvement of economic level and the rapid development of tourism, the desire of pet owners to travel is becoming more and more urgent. However, due to the restrictions of transportation and accommodation in China, it is very difficult for pets to go out with their owners, so they have to be forced to foster care. However, the standard of pet foster care and the management of epidemic prevention are very difficult, the pet disease or death and other problems not only are the issue of attribution of responsibility, and it is difficult to reach agreement on compensation.


Internet of Things, automation, care, pet station.