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Research on Strategies for Improving Harmonious Interpersonal Relationships in Dormitories of Vocational College Students through Group Psychological Counseling

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.023


Pingping Zhang

Corresponding Author

Pingping Zhang


This article examines the present state, distinct characteristics, and both subjective and objective factors contributing to the deterioration of harmonious interpersonal relationships in vocational college student dormitories. It delves into the utilization of group psychological counseling as a strategic tool to address these issues. By designing and implementing a series of group psychological counseling activities, the study proposes effective strategies to enhance interpersonal relations within vocational college dormitories. This research not only offers preventative measures for vocational colleges but also presents innovative approaches for intervening in substandard interpersonal relationships in college dormitories. Furthermore, it contributes to the enhancement of the mental health levels among vocational college students.


Interpersonal, Relationships In Vocational College Dormitories, Group Psychological Counseling