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Reflection on Some Issues in Marine Fisheries English Teaching under the Background of Neo-agriculture Education – With Reference to Tianjin Agricultural University

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.020


Xu Lili, Cui Wenting, Xu Hailong

Corresponding Author

Xu Hailong


With the continuous advancement of economic globalisation and the rapid development of modern agriculture, international communication in agriculture has become an inevitable trend. As one of the critical courses for cultivating Marine Fisheries Science and Technology (MFST) majors in universities, Marine Fisheries English (MFE) aims to expand students’ professional perspectives, master international advanced research, and enhance their international communication skills. Based on the global talent training mode of marine fisheries, it is necessary to optimise and improve all aspects of English teaching for the majors. Based on the characteristics of English teaching, this paper analysed the problems existing in the current MFE teaching processes for MFST in the university. It put forward some optimisation suggestions on the reform and exploration of MFE teaching from four aspects: teachers, teaching content, teaching mode and evaluation, to provide reference for the training of MFST majors in colleges and universities.


Marine Fisheries, English for Special Purpose, English teaching, Teaching theories