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The Influx of Silver and Socioeconomic Changes during the Ming Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.019


Zi’ang Xu

Corresponding Author

Zi’ang Xu


This article examines the impact of the influx of silver on socioeconomic changes during the Ming Dynasty period. In the early Ming Dynasty, copper coins were the primary circulating currency, and gold and silver transactions were strictly limited. With the emergence of paper currency, silver began to serve as a standard of value in market transactions and gradually became the main currency. The article analyzes the four stages of the monetization of silver and its significant impact on the economic system of the Ming Dynasty. It also explores the monetization of various taxes in the Ming Dynasty and how these changes promoted economic development and social transformation.


Influx of Silver, Socioeconomic Changes, Monetization, Paper Currency, Global Trade, Taxation System, Economic Development