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Research on the Growth Mechanism of Excellent 'Double-qualified' Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.016


Qu Chang, Chen Guangjiu

Corresponding Author

Qu Chang


With the deep development and widespread application of information technology in China, industries are continuously upgrading and transforming, shifting from labor-intensive to technology-intensive characteristics. New business forms and job positions are constantly emerging, leading to a dramatic increase in the demand for technical talents and higher skill requirements. Ensuring a stable source and reserve of technical talents is crucial, and the training of technical talents in higher vocational colleges is key, with the quality of teachers directly determining the quality of talent training. In higher vocational colleges, 'Double-qualified' teachers are the main force in the training of technical talents. Only by establishing a scientific and reasonable growth mechanism for 'Double-qualified' teachers can we ensure the availability of high-quality teachers for the training of technical talents. This article analyzes the current situation of the growth of 'Double-qualified' teachers in higher vocational colleges and proposes targeted training mechanism suggestions.


Double-qualified' Teachers; Incentive Mechanism; 'Double-qualified' Teaching Team