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Research on the Orientation and Top-Level Design of Talent Cultivation in Accounting Majors—A Case Study of Hubei Minzu University

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.015


Qiusheng Lu, Yaxuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yaxuan Wang


The reform of talent cultivation models is the highest guide and priority in the talent training of universities. The "Several Opinions on Fully Improving the Quality of Higher Education" (Higher Education [2012] No. 4) and the "National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan Outline (2010-2020)" propose that higher education needs to optimize its structure, focus on regional economic and social development, and develop distinctive characteristics. Universities should combine their realities, comprehensively deepen educational and teaching reforms, and truly achieve the development and construction goals of talents in various majors. Different types of institutions have their disparities in terms of education funding, scale, discipline construction, faculty strength, and student quality, hence the goals of talent cultivation should not be homogenized. Facing the heterogeneous demands of the society for mass higher education, the undergraduate accounting program of Hubei Minzu University has established a high-level applied talent cultivation goal, created a "knowledge, ability, quality" three-dimensional talent cultivation system, and reconstructed the content of talent cultivation combining professional education with student innovation and entrepreneurship, professional education with business practice, and professional education with job competence.


Accounting, Accounting Major, Talent Cultivation, Practical Teaching