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Research on Teaching Methods for Vocational Education and Training of Skill-Based Talent

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.011


Chunyan Li, Hua Li

Corresponding Author

Chunyan Li


China has established the world's largest vocational education system, a cornerstone in its pursuit of nurturing highly skilled talent. This study examines the evolution of teaching methods within this system, emphasizing their role in enhancing teaching effectiveness and achieving the goal of producing skilled craftsmen, great national artisans, and technically proficient personnel. It delves into the current state and challenges of China's vocational education, highlighting its importance in the country's journey towards becoming a modern socialist state. The paper proposes an integrated approach to teaching, blending theory with practical application, as a key strategy in vocational education. This approach is crucial for equipping students with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the modern workforce and adapt to technological advancements. The study underscores the significance of vocational education in driving economic and social development, advocating for continuous improvement in teaching methodologies to cultivate a robust and innovative talent pool. Through this, China aims not only to bolster its national competitiveness but also to set a global benchmark in vocational training excellence.


Vocational Education, Skill-Based Talent, Teaching Methods, Theory-Practice Integration