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The 'Three-Comprehensive, Six-Precise' Model of Student Aid and Education in New Era Private Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.009


Li Chen

Corresponding Author

Li Chen


Private universities face the unique challenge of providing financial aid to a small but financially troubled student population. In the new era, student aid in private universities focuses on precision and education, adhering to a 'Three-Comprehensive' education philosophy. This involves constructing a student aid model that encompasses government, universities, society, and families ('all-member style'), covers the entire student journey from admission to employment ('whole-process style'), and utilizes various educational methods and platforms ('all-dimensional style'). The model implements 'six-precision' targets: precise identification of aid recipients, projects, funding, intensity, methods, and effectiveness. This approach uses aid as a means to educate, aiming for a diverse and integrated educational environment where measures are precise, guarantees are strong, and implementation is empathetic.


Private Universities; Student Aid and Education; Three-Comprehensive Education; Precise Aid