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The Cultural Value Evolution of We-Media in the Era of Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.007


Changjun Li

Corresponding Author

Changjun Li


Culture is the soul of social development, and values are the soul medium of culture. Cultural values are the core of social ideology and the basis for the evolution of social content. Culture, as an important energy easy for people to accept and to promote the prosperity of social culture, has a positive impact on social evolution. With the continuous updating and iteration of Internet technology, the application of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies to the we-media, the new technology has changed the production mode of we-mediatization, but also changed the space and time. We-media comes to change the social and cultural ecology by influencing people's lives. Using a multidisciplinary perspective, this paper explores the developing and changing we-media, analyses the different classifications and characteristics of we-media culture, and the guidance and control of the mainstream media's cultural values over the mainstream media cultural values, youth cultural values, and emerging values, as well as revealing the unique characteristics of China's contemporary we-media culture. It is of great practical significance to realize the harmonious coexistence of pluralistic values and human progress and social mainstream ideology in the we-media era through reasonable cultural value guidance.


We-media, cultural value, mainstream media