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Guarantee of Effective Defense in the Context of Online Criminal Litigation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.005


Ye Yang

Corresponding Author

Ye Yang


The application of online criminal litigation in the epidemic period has become a new judicial method, offering a fresh space for discussion on effective defense. With the empowerment of technology, online criminal litigation enhances judicial efficiency, but it also raises questions about whether the litigation rights of the accused are equally respected. In other words, are the rights of the accused to an effective defense ensured in online litigation? Observations show that there are still many issues in the application of technology, the demonstration of procedure and the display of substantive outcomes, suggesting a need to adhere to the value orientation of procedural justice. To this end, it's necessary to ensure the effectiveness of lawyer defense in online criminal litigation by granting defense lawyers data defense rights and strengthening their technical training, thereby maximally protecting the legal rights of the accused.


Online litigation; Right to cross-examination; Procedural justice