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Historical Evolution and Modern Development of National Vocal Music Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2023.001


Qihe Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qihe Zhang


The national vocal music education in China has a long history and has experienced a long historical evolution and profound modern development. Ancient vocal music education originated from court elegant music and religious music, bearing rich cultural traditions. Court music is represented by elegant music, while religious music plays an important role in religious ceremonies, laying the foundation for vocal music education. Through the mentoring system, ancient vocal music education has become a medium of cultural inheritance, laying a solid foundation for the Chinese music art. With the evolution of society, the national vocal music education in China has experienced great development in modern times. The influence of western music education has brought new teaching ideas and methods and injected new elements into vocal music education. In modern times, the diversified social needs and the continuous innovation of scientific and technological means make vocal music education face more complicated situations. Cultural diversity has injected new elements into vocal music education, the development of science and technology has provided more possibilities for teaching, and international exchanges have promoted vocal music art to be more widely recognized around the world. In the future, China's national vocal music education should continue to adhere to the essence of traditional culture, and at the same time actively absorb international advanced experience and bring forth the new. The historical evolution and modern development of national vocal music education in China have laid a solid foundation for cultivating vocal music talents with more international competitiveness and artistic innovation, and injected new vitality into the musical tradition of the Chinese nation.


National Vocal Music Education; Historical Evolution; Modern Development