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Design and Analysis of Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Simulation Training System

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.031


Jianhui Wei, Chuanqi Shao, Xihui Wang

Corresponding Author

Jianhui Wei


This paper briefly introduces the basic concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality technology, sorts out the application status of the above two technologies in the automotive industry, designs and analyzes the actual teaching needs for vehicle operation and maintenance simulation training, and explores the use of augmented reality and virtual reality technology to build a simulation training system. It integrates their immersion, interaction, autonomy, multi-perception, and other characteristics into the teaching process, organizing students to conduct simulation training in vehicle application, maintenance, repair, and other aspects in a reasonable, efficient, scientific, and intensive manner. To increase the proportion of simulation training in practical training and improve the efficiency of students' practical skills, we can use virtual reality technology based on digital information to comprehensively digitize all information resources such as teaching plans, information, multimedia, practical operations, and technical data in the teaching process. So, finally, we can realize the informatization of the automobile education field to improve the intensive characteristics and management level of teaching.


Virtual Reality Technology, Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Training, Practical Skills Development