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Research on the Location Problem of E-commerce Distribution Centres Based on Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.030


Xiaomei Tao

Corresponding Author

Xiaomei Tao


With the development of e-commerce and the improvement of logistics delivery level, the position of distribution centres in the logistics network is becoming increasingly important. How to choose a scientifically reasonable delivery centre address is an important issue in the field of logistics. This article proposes a distribution centre location method based on the fruit fly optimization algorithm for e-commerce distribution centres, which combines the global optimization performance of the fruit fly optimization algorithm with the distribution centre optimization problem. Taking the e-commerce site selection problem in Hefei as an example for example analysis, the results show that this method can effectively solve the optimization site selection problem, providing an effective approach to solve the problem, making the location of fresh food distribution centres more scientific and reasonable.


Fruit fly optimization algorithm, Distribution centre, Fresh food, Location selection