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Research on Intelligent Reading System of High-precision Pointer Instrument

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.027


Hao Wang

Corresponding Author

Hao Wang


Aiming at the problems of poor accuracy of reading and periodic verification of high-precision pointer meters, poor degree of automation, and high labor intensity of operators, according to measurement theory and image recognition theory, a line extraction method combining LSD method and least square method was adopted to simulate the working process of human eyes, and according to the position verification requirements of "three points and one line". The intelligent reading system of high-precision pointer instrument is designed, and the data is intelligently processed. Through the process of design, prototype production and function test, it is proved that the method can improve the reading accuracy, improve the verification efficiency, avoid human error, reduce the intensity of human eye fatigue and improve the automation level.


High-precision Pointer Meter; Automatic Verification; Viewpoint Error; Image Recognition