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Analysis of the Application Status and Development Trend of Visual Simulation System in Vehicle Professional Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.043


Fan Bai, Hongwei Zhang, Liguo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fan Bai


As visual simulation technology advances, its application across educational domains has become increasingly prevalent. In tandem with simulation training apparatuses, a myriad of visual simulation training systems have been established. This treatise provides a concise overview of the evolution and application spheres of visual simulation systems, surveys the current deployment of these systems within education, and elucidates upon the strengths and limitations, attributes, and application arenas of diverse visual simulation systems utilized in automotive professional instruction. Furthermore, it delineates the appropriate contexts for the varied types of visual simulation systems in the realm of automotive pedagogy. By integrating the emerging instructional and training imperatives in new energy vehicle education, an analysis is proffered on the future trajectory of visual simulation systems as they evolve to accommodate novel pedagogical necessities.


Visual Simulation System, Specialized Instruction in Vehicles, Application Review