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Analysis of Multimodal Metaphors in news reports: A Case Study of The Times

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.039


Chuang Wang, Rongjuan Duan, Xiaoying Wu

Corresponding Author

Chuang Wang


With the development of The Times, information is diversified and people's access to information is no longer limited to the text level. With the rise of multimodal metaphor, the combination of metaphor with visual, auditory, picture and other non-literal symbols has become the main means of current news reports, which effectively improves the persuasiveness of news reports. However, many media have a lot of political guidance in news reports. Therefore, the interpretation of multimodal metaphor in news reports is very important. This paper analyzes the reports related to China in The Times during the epidemic period, and studies the application of multimodal metaphors in pictures and text reports in the news, which explores how the pictures in news reports use the superposition, intersection and fusion of visual symbols in space to construct virtual metaphorical scenes. Moreover, the multidimensional metaphorical interaction is used to interpret the representational meaning of the original domain to the target domain, and to show the hierarchical structure and mapping types. This paper can help readers avoid the misleading of the media rationally, cultivate dialectical thinking, and provide the new perspective for the analysis of news reports.


Multimodal Metaphor, System Function, News Reports, Pictures