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Research on the Employment of Women in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises under the New Birth Policy

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.038


Yuanyuan Zhang, Qin Yue, Wen Bao, Zheng Xiang

Corresponding Author

Wen Bao


Under the new birth policy, the employment situation of women in small- and medium-sized enterprises is still very grim. The women of childbearing age will have a greater impact on their own work, and the attitude of small- and medium-sized enterprises to female employees to give birth is an important factor in determining their willingness to have children. Some women with higher education or strong independence are more inclined to choose a career when their personal career development conflicts with childbearing. Some small- and medium-sized enterprises have not fully responded to the new national birth policy, so that female practitioners in these enterprises do not enjoy the complete maternity welfare policy. Therefore, in order to increase women's willingness to have children, it is important to improve the protection of women's employment and a fair employment environment for small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Small- and medium-sized enterprises, New birth policy, Women's employment, Employment discrimination against women