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Research on the Construction Practice of Art Design Specialty Cluster Based on “Project Practice, Post Progression”

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.037


Yang Liu, Keliang Zhang, Yingying Guo

Corresponding Author

Yang Liu


In order to better promote the development of vocational education, this paper takes the development and construction of the art design specialty cluster of the Animation School of Hainan College of Software Technology (hereinafter referred to as the college) as an example, and focuses on the fact that the specialty cluster of the college adheres to the main line of “inheriting culture and serving the local area”, and the multi-party interaction among the government, the industry, the enterprise and the college has formed a practical teaching team and built a project-oriented and practical studio group platform. The curriculum system of “basic platform + post course” has been established, the hierarchical and progressive teaching method has been implemented, and the new paradigm of “project practice and post progression” teaching mode of art design majors which aims to inherit local culture has been pioneered.


Specialty Cluster, Project Practice, Post Progression, Teaching Reform