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Analysis of Information Security Protection Strategy for Network Electronic Engineering Archives

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.084


Chu Xue

Corresponding Author

Chu Xue


With the development of the country and the progress of the society, our country has begun to apply the corresponding electronic information technology in many industries and management. In this process, the technology also highlights its obvious advantages. Compared with the paper documents, the application of electronic information technology in the management and transmission of documents can save more resources and space, and to a large extent, reduce the use of human resources. At present, in our institutional units, the network electronic engineering archives technology has been widely used. The advantages of this technology are self-evident, but it has a more obvious dual nature, and there are many problems and loopholes in security, which seriously endangering the interests of the citizens and the state. Therefore, in the future development, it is necessary to strictly control the safety and standardization of its development so that it can further achieve the development goals. This paper has carried on the detailed discussion to this question, and has proposed the reasonable optimization measures to the corresponding question.


Electronic Engineering Archives, information security, computer technology.